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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is to provide information about how personal information (which includes health information) is collected and used at Salt Recovery House and the circumstances in which we may share it with third parties.


This Privacy Policy (Policy) applies to all employees and service providers of Salt Recovery House 


Salt Recovery House will:

  • provide a copy of this Policy upon request
  • require employees and service providers to comply with this Policy and deal appropriately with any inquiries or concerns
  • implement practices, procedures, and systems to ensure compliance with this Policy and deal with inquiries or complaints
  • collect personal information for the primary purpose of managing a client’s recovery and for financial claims and payments


Our employees and service providers will take reasonable steps to ensure clients understand:

  • what information has been and is being collected
  • why the information is being collected 
  • how the information will be used or disclosed
  • why and when their consent is necessary

Collection, Use and Disclosure

Salt Recovery House recognises that the information we collect is often of a sensitive nature and as an organisation we have implemented procedures to ensure personal information is protected. To ensure quality and continuity of client care health information may be shared between the medical and other professional service providers of Salt Recovery House.

Procedures for collecting personal information 

Salt Recovery House employees and service providers collect client personal and demographic information as part of the client intake process, and this may include information you provide to us via our website.

During the provision of rehabilitation and recovery services, Salt Recovery House practitioners will consequently collect further personal information. Personal information may also be collected from other involved healthcare specialists.


Collected personal information will include:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • your age or date of birth
  • your Medicare number, Veterans’ Affairs number, Health Care Card number, health fund details or pension number
  • current drugs or treatments used by you
  • information relevant to your medical care, including but not limited to your previous and current medical history and your family medical history (where clinically relevant);
  • your ethnic background
  • your profession, occupation or job title
  • the name of any health service provider or medical specialist to whom you are referred, copies of any letters of referrals and copies of any reports back
  • any additional information relating to you that you provide to us directly through our representatives, medical or allied health professionals

We may also collect some information that is not personal information because it does not identify you or anyone else. For example, we may collect anonymous answers to surveys or aggregated information about how users use our website.

Salt Recovery House holds all personal information securely, whether in electronic format, in protected information systems or in hard copy in a secured environment.

Use and disclosure

We use and discloser your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide rehabilitation and recovery services and treatment to you, and to enable you to be attended by service providers at our facility
  • for administrative and billing purposes
  • to update our records and keep your contact details up to date
  • to process and respond to any complaint made by you
  • to comply with any law, rule, regulation, lawful and binding determination, decision or direction of a regulator, or in co-operation with any governmental authority of any country
  • for the purposes of data research and analysis 
  • for follow up visits or updates
  • to answer enquiries and provide information or advice about existing and new services and all matters relevant to the services we provide to you
  • to conduct business processing functions 
  • for the administrative, marketing (including direct marketing), planning, product or service development, quality control and research purposes 
  • to meet obligations of notification to insurers 

Your personal information will not be shared, sold or disclosed other than as described in this Policy or as permitted under by privacy legislation.

Data Quality

Client information collected and retained in our records for the purpose of providing rehabilitation and recovery services will be complete, accurate, and up to date at the time of collection. 


We take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. We may hold your information in either electronic or hard copy form. Personal information is destroyed or de-identified when no longer needed.


You have the right to request access to, and correction of, your personal information. We require you to put this request in writing and we will respond within a reasonable time, usually within 48 business hours. 

We will take reasonable steps to correct your personal information where the information is not accurate or up to date. From time to time, we will ask you to verify that your personal information held by Salt Recovery House is correct and current. You may also request that we correct or update your information, and you should make such requests in writing the Director of Salt Recovery House.


Salt Recovery House understands the importance of confidentiality and discretion with the way we manage and maintain our client’s personal information. Salt Recovery House takes complaints and concerns about the privacy of client personal information seriously. Client’s should express any privacy concerns in writing. Salt Recovery House will then attempt to resolve it in accordance with its complaint resolution process.

All employees of Salt Recovery House are required to observe the obligations of confidentiality in the course of their employment. 

In the instance where you are dissatisfied with the level of service provided within Salt Recovery House, we encourage you to discuss any concerns relating to the privacy of your information with the Director of Salt Recovery House.

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