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Empowering Recovery: Salt Recovery can help you with Alcohol Addiction this Dry July

Alcohol Addiction | Dry July | Salt Recovery

Do you find yourself reaching for the bottle and asking yourself . . .  Am I drinking too much? Do I have an alcohol addiction

These are the questions that recovered alcoholic Steve asked himself before admitting himself into Salt Recovery. “Rock bottom for me was realising that the alcohol and drugs had taken over, who I was, and then to the point that it ultimately cost me my marriage…that was the point I admitted I had hit rock bottom. Life before coming to Salt got pretty dark and gloomy.” 

Steve had been battling alcohol addiction for 15 years before hitting rock bottom where he found Salt Recovery. He had tried countless times before to manage his alcohol addiction, suffering from anxiety and depression, which led him to drugs. Caught in the cycle of addiction, Steve realised he could not achieve this on his own and it was only in coming to terms with his addiction that things began to change for him. 

So, What Alcohol Addiction? 

Alcohol addiction otherwise known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a condition categorised by a person’s inability to cease or regulate their alcohol consumption, regardless of the adverse effects it may have on their social life, work or health and is considered a brain disorder which ranges in its degree of severity. When we witness a loved one struggling with addictive behaviours or see individuals who continuously go through rehab, only to relapse into their old habits of alcohol misuse. This devastating cycle of addiction inevitably inflicts suffering upon the individual but can also significantly affect the people around them. Although many people genuinely desire to improve and seek help, when viewed from a scientific standpoint, we can reasonably understand why it is so hard for them to break free from alcohol addiction. 

Zoe, Salt Recovery’s Guest Manager has seen a lot of people enter the doors of Salt Recovery, some had tried other rehabilitation centres first without getting the results they so desperately needed. “I remember this one young woman who came in broken and socially withdrawn but in over just four short weeks, I observed a massive shift take place within this girl. We’ve loved seeing her come out of her shell and just blossom, getting to know the real her”.    

Salt Recovery has emerged as a game changer in facilitating addiction recovery in the industry, in the past year, only 22% of Salt Recovery guests experienced a relapse, which is significantly lower than the industry standard of a 70% chance of relapse. Salt Recovery is taking an approach that is clearly transformative in helping people get to where they need. Their experienced staff revolutionises the approach to recovery, by providing small and personal in-house clinical and medical support on a serene 17-acre property which offers guests the comfort and privacy they need to develop and recover from their struggles.  

What is it like to withdrawal and detox from alcohol?

If you have made the decision to stop drinking, it’s important to know that a number of onset withdrawal symptoms come from having alcohol addiction that can be quite severe for people who significantly reduce or stop their intake altogether after long-term dependence. Signs of alcohol withdrawal when you stop drinking can include mild to severe symptoms ranging from sweating, shaking and nausea, cravings for alcohol, feelings of anger and irritability, gastrointestinal issues, vision and memory problems, increased anxiety and paranoia or hallucinations. 

These symptoms can be quite dangerous for someone with alcohol addiction and often require professional and expert guidance to help navigate the detoxification process. If you think you might be suffering from alcohol addiction then, it is important to seek professional help. Salt Recovery provides a safe environment with medical professionals on hand to assist you throughout the detoxification process whilst your body is restoring from withdrawal which makes us a unique rehabilitation facility, as you can receive all treatment in house. Once the body has detoxified, Salt Recovery’s team of experts will be there to support you through the rest of your recovery in rehabilitation. 

If you are concerned about your habits with alcohol and find yourself thinking about it often or relying on it, then it’s likely you’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and its important you reach out and seek help as soon as possible. Our team of specialists are trained to provide confidential and professional supportive advice on getting started with your recovery journey. Or, if you would like to discuss your concerns for a loved one, we are more than happy to take your call.  At Salt Recovery, we are dedicated to helping our clients change their lives for the better, to find out more about our services and programs, please contact us today.


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