About - Salt Recovery House


The concept of Salt was birthed out of a desire and a dream in the heart of our Founder Mike Barrett to produce a recovery program that was second to none.

Where people who had been bruised and battered by life could come and receive a first class journey back to their optimal health.  Everything about Salt Recovery screams excellence from the venue and the staff, right down to those small details that make your experience so special and individualised.

We at Salt Recovery believe that there are so many elements to mental health and physical breakdown that often contribute to addictions and dependency.  As such, we have a detailed approach to an individuals recovery that comes from an evidence based best practice experience bringing health and wholeness to the mind, body and spirit.

Salt is an eco friendly property, we run totally on solar power. All our water is rain water with the added bonus of grander technology.
The highlight of Salt and perhaps its most distinctive feature is its unique surroundings and how the facility brilliantly interacts with them.
Wrapped in floor to ceiling glass, the house living spaces seamlessly extend outdoors and create a sensation of floating on air above the forest. The home exists perfectly among a natural environment that surrounds it.

Our dedicated team

Director of Clinical Service

Michael Barrett

Managing Director

Jo McGrath

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